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Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna

The Leaf Metro renders an 30-mile range indoor hdtv antenna that can handle any signal, with this antenna, you can watch live or strikes tv content with excellent performance. The sleek design with its black finish is unrivalled for any office or home.

Mohu Leaf Metro Tv Antenna Walmart

The Leaf Metro tv antenna is best-in-the-class for indoor or outdoor use, it provides an 25 mile range and is fabricated of paper-like material that is facile to clean. It also provides a natural searching surface that makes it facile to understand, the Leaf Metro tv is an excellent antenna for your television screen. It is furthermore original and provides been used in indoor and outdoor settings for years now, the Leaf Metro tv antenna is an unequaled way for lovers who are hunting for a large, hdtv antenna. With an 30 mile range, you can get your tv signal in any where, this antenna is furthermore free of charge for a person who wishes to increase their tv reception. The antennas design with matching black and white antennas, the leafy green antenna is manufactured of black plastic and renders a white knobs for distance and range. The antenna is able to match any home's broadcast area.