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Tv Antenna Rotor Control Box

This vintage alliance antenna tenna rotor u-83 control box is a great way to increase your tv hambing without needing a new tv. The box comes with an old rotor control box, which will help with antenna placement. The box is made of bakelite and is about 10 inches tall and has a black cover with a red lens. The control box is attached to a green black handle. The box is able to control your tv's antenna with just a few button clicks.

Tv Antenna Rotor Control Box Amazon

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Best Tv Antenna Rotor Control Box

The vintage alliance tenna rotor lc110a tv ham radio antenna motor control box is a rare item. It is a part of the vintage alliance tenna ham radio collection. It is made out of stainless steel and has a black powder coat finish. The box has an all-aluminum design and is brought up to date with the latest tv antennas. It has two control buttons and a potentiometer to adjust the windings. It also comes with a manual. the vtg alliance tenna-rotor u-100 tv antenna rotating tv shield is a great box controller for using tv antennas in your home. It includes a vtg alliance tenna-rotor u-100 tv antenna rotator box controller and ham cb radio radiomodulo 4. This box controller allows you to control your tv antennas in your home, allowing you to receive tv broadcasting from your location with less cable or satellite usage. this is a working control box for a tv antenna rotor. It is made of vintage silvertone materials and it is in great condition. It has a little wear and it has been used and abused. The controls are easy to use and it comes with a instruction booklet. This box is great for controlling an existing tv antenna by using the clear tv antenna rotor control box the alliance tenna rotor u-100 tv amateur ham radio antenna control box is perfect for controlling your tv antenna. It includes an electronic controller for the tv antenna and has been designed to keep your antenna moving freely. The box also includes two year warranty.