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Tv Antenna Spy Camera

The tv antenna Spy Camera is a top-grade surrogate to keep track of your tv's performance, with an 1080 p resolution, this Camera can track down like footage more clear than ever before. The wifi Camera receiver allows you to stream resume or resume recording when your tv is off the air, the dvr cam can keep track of up to 4 k-resolution video for an entire season.

Best Tv Antenna Spy Camera

The digital antenna Spy Camera is exquisite for indoor tv watching or monitoring, with its detachable antenna it is straightforward to take with you anywhere in the house. This is an 10 x pal male to female adaptor cable for your tv, the cable is fabricated of fiber optic material and it is adaptor for various types of tv sets. The cable is furthermore irreversible because of the fiber optic material, this is a cable adapter that allows you to convert a hdtv antenna into a Spy camera. It extends an 10 x pal female to female adaptor socket and a f female adaptor, the cable is further reversible, so you can be both hd and f tv-oriented. This is a peerless opportunity to miss parts of your area that you may not want to see, you can use this Camera to watch your tv shows and movies, or take pictures and videos with your phone to share with friends. It also records video and takes pictures with an 16 g sd card.