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Violet Tv Antenna

Are you digging for a new, high-end tv antenna? Violet provides a top-of-the-heap solution for you! Our tv antenna is designed with a high gain of 1, 5 tx so you can receive digital channels even through walls. Plus, the flat design means it can be easily mounted on your wall or ceiling.

Violet Tv Antenna Ebay

The Violet tv antenna is designed to provide a powerful and thin dtv broadcast antenna for digital indoor use, the antenna is designed to be flat and facile to use, with a purple color. The antenna is for use with ultra thin tv's (tv's less than 6 inches square), the antenna can be used with or without a signal strength indicator, and can be set to receive digital tv on either Violet or Violet tv channels. The antenna is facile to set up, and requires no wires, this is a clear indoor digital tv hdtv antenna that grants an 2050 latest p 4 k digital tv signal. This antenna imparts a digital tv performance that is 1500 miles clear and it is top-quality biz tv and other digital applications, looking for a specific tv antenna that can match your transformer look no more than our 3-pk outdoor tv antenna. Our transformer is designed to work with every tv in the house, so you'll never have to worry about where to put your money, plus, our antenna is uncomplicated to set up and works with all 300 to 75 ohm states. This barbie dollhouse is an unequaled place to invest in! With different antennas to choose from, this home will have everything she needs to receive television signals.